Jessica Beinecke 白洁
Jessica Beinecke "白洁" is fluent in Mandarin.
She is a Chinese social media influencer. Her digital travel content promotes top travel destinations to Chinese consumers, who have viewed her videos more than 100+ million times.
Jessica Beinecke is "one of the 50 people shaping the future of the US-China relationship for taking American culture and language viral on the Chinese web."
Foreign Policy Magazine
Pacific Power Index

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Generating millions of engagements on Chinese social media
Jessica Beinecke 白洁
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"Jessica Beinecke started a daily video feature that has gone viral in China. She focuses on elements of American culture and slang and uses her fluent Mandarin to teach her lessons."
Washington Post
Jessica Beinecke Chinese Speech @ Alibaba in Hangzhou China
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Digital Travel Series
More than just a map in Chinese, these digital videos bridge cultural and language barriers and create exciting local experiences for Chinese tourists.
Last year Jessica's U.S. destination videos were viewed 100+ million times on Chinese social media.
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